Wall of Sound

I love being a dad. It gives you all sorts of excuses to act silly and immature, well more than i already have. Paul is just over two and a half at this point and is running wild with energy at any given time. He simply doesn’t stop. He has a  motor that has no off position. From the time he gets up in the morning until he goes down for a nap or into bed at the end of the day its a ball of energy.

And i have to tell you one of the most rewarding things is taking him places like the zoo, which he loves, or the Art Museum, which he was hilarious in. As it turns out he might be Hindi… we just didn’t know it.

He spent the entire time during our visit to the art museum eyeballing the different pieces of art, testing the acoustics of the building and the limits of the security guards patience. At 4 different times during the tour de force he started running circles around my wife Jen, as in orbiting like the moon around the earth. Whenever we were in a large enough area off he would go.As dutiful parents we would attempt to stop or slow him, but more often than not you have to resign yourself to the fate. I wish i had a picture of her face, mid orbit.

For the most part he was quiet, and intrigued by what he saw, but we were under no great illusions that he was going to behave, it was family day at the museum so it wasn’t as buttoned up as it could have otherwise been. It was also pay as you like day, which meant the unwashed masses descend upon the museum to get themselves cultured. It was a blast.

Why did I say he might be Hindi? Well all throughout the museum he was on the move, loud and not paying attention for more than a couple moments at a time. As soon as we got to the Hindu temple exhibit he stopped, began to walk around and announce to the world that not only were the sculpted pillar, “big”, but that “I’m looking” he put both hands behind his back and walked from pillar to pillar, calmly.

He spent about 20 minutes in that area, and as soon as we left it he wanted to go back, and resumed the previous volume and level of activity, we stopped briefly in again on our way out of the museum and again his demeanor changed. Crazy stuff. Now All i need is to hire a zither player to sit in the living room and we can keep the activity down to a dull roar.

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