Spring is here!

Want to know something about Philadelphia Culture?

Every Spring a Local Company called Rita’s water ice opens their doors to start the season and serves free small ice on that day. There is always a line and the atmosphere is something between a carnival and a sale at walmart. Although i don’t know what some people are thinking, if they give you a free small why bother buying a gallon of the stuff the first day its available? But it happens.

The iconic red and white striped kiosks and stands located all over the city peddle soft pretzels, custards, gelatis and Water Ice, a flavored crushed ice with bits of fruit in it. While there are different stands run by different companies all over the city, some of which server Polish Ice, which is smoother, Rita’s is a bit of an institution.

Ether way fun for all. The family took a nice walk over to see what was happening. Nice 2 mile round trip of a stroll, turns out the kid likes Lemon Water Ice, we found this out because he stole mine… i was not amused. I eventually got it back but not before he dropped the cup on the sidewalk, i brushed the dirty bits off and downed the rest. It might be a cold start to the season but the warm weather is on the way!

i might get corrected by some people that there are better water ices around the city, and they’re right, and rita’s also has stores in malls which now never close, which is also true but this day is the official start to spring for many.

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