Spring has sprung

Its that time of the year again, people are starting to try and get back into shape, which I’m attempting. The weather is warming up and the fish… well lets just say they are a biting.

Today was opening day of trout season in the south eastern portion of PA. So i got the chance to take a nice hike of about a mile and a half with my son, do some fishing along the way and catch what turned out the be the biggest trout i have ever pulled ashore! 13 Inches of fish. I’ve caught bigger fish but never bigger Trout. I love the fight of trout, i love the fact that no one was pulling anything out today but with the help of my trusty companion we managed to land this nice fellow right here.

What happened to the fishy you might ask? Well we dropped him off at my parents house for a dinner engagement. I’ll report back another time on the results.

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