Its that time again

Every year as the students go through their finals production on most aspects of my digital life slows to a crawl, my brain just can’t take any more information, and i usually end up with a headache by 10am. So when i get home gone is the impulse to write about inanity, confusion or the funny that i have seen. Its replaced by a longing for fishing, video games or the garden. Rest assured that production will pick back up.

On a side note life likes to throw you curve balls all the time, especially when you’re looking for a fastball down and in. A couple of years ago without thinking I scheduled a wedding to a certain lovely lady right after the semester ended. Its a great time for a honeymoon but a horrible time at the end of the semester to try and finish planning the blessed event.

This year I’m going a bit further and I’ve having a small medical issue taken care of right after the semester. Nothing is horribly wrong but the doctor said I might be recovering for a couple weeks. which means time away from work and even less productionon the digital. I’m going to see if i can muster up enough energy to pre-record something for a little bit. Perhaps even schedule a couple of extra blog posts to fire off while I’m on the mend, its all wishful thinking at this point. but i guy can dream can’t he.

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