Whether Weather

My wife and I suffer from the same issue. More often than not the weather has a tendency to affect our mood in rather dramatic fashions. Rainy weekends are horrible all around and dark dreary weekdays even more so.

This past weekend had one lone spot of difference I spent Sunday morning fishing, in the rain. It has been said that a bad day fishing is better than a good day working. Sunday proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. After returning home I kept my messy clothes on and spent some time in the backyard planting flowers in the rain and playing with my son in the mud. The only thing i didn’t do was mow the lawn, because i wasn’t fixing to get electrocuted.

Meet Larry, the new denizen of our garden. I shouldn’t get so excited about a silly garden gargoyle, but i did. I felt more than a little recharged, i just wished that the effect had carried over into the week.

Monday was no different weather wise still rainy, still miserable. But for some reason i couldn’t shake it. I think i need to start going back to the gym at lunch spread my wings a bit. Or keep a picture of Larry on the desktop

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