I’m a big guy

That much is true. I’m generally able to bounce back rather quickly from surgery, injury or pretty much anything life has thrown at me up to this point. Which is why i sit here in my PJ pants dumbfounded. My mind feels fine, when i don’t move i feel fine. but as soon as i move everything goes back to the surgery from last week.

I had a surgery to remove a cyst / tumor from my body last week, the cyst was in a very sensitive area and i was quite embarrassed about it for a while. the good news was that it wasn’t cancer! which is all the news i should need, the bad news is that i still need to recover from the actual surgery to remove it.

I’ve had a ton of surgeries in my life, so many i forget them when I’m giving a medical history. At this point i can’t remember if its 12 or 15, mostly orthopedic. I’m already on my second chart in my general practitioners office, and I’m only 29. Other people have a lot more serious issues wrong with them than i do, with me its just an accumulation of small issues over the years.

Right before surgery on an otherwise well body i always take a mental step back and think to myself ‘alright Paul this is going to be the best you feel for the next couple weeks… are you ready?’ the answer is never yes but the surgery always goes off as planned.

So i now sit in another forced period of recuperation thinking i should be able to do more than I can but not being able to.  I’ll try to write to pass the time, i still have a good start on a book that needs to be finished but i can’t sit too long either… sigh Video games here i come

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