The secret is in

You want to know the secret of my power? Its not coffee as you would expect. Come a little bit closer…

Its shoes. I don’t collect them or buy expensive ones. I need to wear them to function. If I spend the day sitting around the house without them on you can bet you bottom dollar not much got done. I can’t explain what trigger lies deep within my head that says when my feet are covered its time to get things done. But it is real and exists.

So today as my last day home from an extended medical leave from the office. I put the shoes on in the hopes of getting some writing done. Hey this article alone puts me over the average from the last week combined… which is really sad. Otherwise I’m a world champion duff sitter.

Cup of coffee in hand and a pair of sneakers on my feet I’m ready to tackle the world. or at least give it a good run for its money. Wish me luck.

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