Flipped Characters

I love stupid mind games, anything to help pass the time while my physical body is stuck some place, doctors appointment, walking the dog etc.

I used to play a game where you would change the victor of a past war or conflict and see what going forward would shift. Got pretty interesting but more often than not everyone became a nazi, and things got bad.

My newest mental gymnastic is to transpose characters from one movie onto another, by the same actor. Now watch the movie with the transposed character taking the scenes.

Need an example? Take Dr Octopus played by Alfred Molina in Spiderman 2. Alfred also played Bishop Manuel Aringarosa in the Davinci Code. Now Imagine the sinister bishop with metal arms at a key point of the movie…

Sticking with the extrapolation you could substitute Tom Hanks’ character Professor Robert Langdon with Forrest Gump, or for more a challenge Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own. So now you either have an epic battle of wits between an ordained evil mad scientist and a serendipitous challenged symbolist, or a cantankerous drunk college professor.

The more characters you sub in and out the more interesting it can get. Christopher Lambert always ends up an an immortal for some reason. Highlander and Mortal Combat, give Raiden a Sword and there you go.

Last one Take Ramierez from the Highlander and add him into Bond movies, its always a hoot. You can’t beat Bond he just doesn’t die!

I didn’t say it would be earth shattering but these are the type of things i think about while stuck in traffic. Enjoy

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