Google Wave is coming, and its going to be neat,
so as part of the signup they suggested you write some poetry. Here are my offerings at a Haiku, (1) and a poorly formed, begging sonnet (2)

Connects us to each other
Humanity’s Gift

In this diverse world we find ourselves in,
Communication is our only link,
A Tense connectivity on the brink,
Of real interaction beyond our kin.

Like minded people flock to a feather,
A simple solution begs to be found,
Where do we find this hidden, common ground,
A Nebulous place fickle as weather.

Social Networking, faddish term its true,
Yet it speaks to a longing for meaning,
A Subtle whisper, gentle leaning,
Towards community with very small clues.

Online world, changing from city to cave
I would like an invite to google wave!

Just wanted to share with the group. Vogon Stlye

Nothin’  says lovin’ like sharing bad poetry

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