Big Dog

236403So I’ve heard recently that walking is actually a treatment for depression. I don’t have depression, but walking the pooch of late has been helping me clear the cobwebs out something awesome. One our nightly constitutionals I’ve been seeing some thigns, I’m gonna have to start sharing.

Alright now its bee a while since I’ve had a dog but what is with all these people walking their massive dogs, Doberman’s Mastiffs ect without leashes… and then eyeballing me and getting all huffy because they can’t control their dog while my little mutt is around. I have a leash… you’re being the ass.

Also petite women who walk massive dogs, even with the leash if your pooch isn’t trained you shouldn’t be walking it. I’m sorry but I’ve seen too many petite ladies of late getting pulled down the street after a squirrel or errant pigeon. If your dog is closer to horse size you might want to consider training them… just saying.

I have plenty of stories, and more coming out each night so stay tuned for some good ones.

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