Doggie Doo

I want to know what the fascination with people watching me walk the dog is. Kids snicker as i pick the poo up, bag in hand. I feel like old man-ning it and flipping around to give them what for, but thats not going to work, no would it end well.

For some reason i see an uptick in kids who go to great lengths to be seen. Whilst walking the pup last week I was followed by a band of morons sitting in an office chair scooting it down the street… signing. When I looked at the kid in question he had a big toothy grin on his face and sang louder. It doesn’t bother me that he’s an attention seeking teenager. What i can’t seem to grasp is why the gang he was with thought it was hilarious to sing louder when i turned around to see what the noise was.

I’m no stranger to acting out in teenage years, having been quite the irritant. But i guess i just don’t get it anymore.

These are the things i think about when i’m followed by morons.

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