Sleep Trouble

So I recently found out I’m a mutant… this is a good thing. Apparently us super humans need less sleep on average then you normal folks… even scientists have defended my lifelong position that i work perfectly well on less sleep.It has been brought to my attention that i drink a lot of coffee to stay as productive as i do.My perfect amount of sleep is 5 hours. Any more and I feel sluggish, any less and I need help getting through the day in a productive manner.

First off. I drink less coffee than people think i do. Surprise I know, but its true. While their is a badge of honor element in drinking coffee like its going out of style i find little practical value in doing it all the time.

My problem of late is getting quality sleep. We have a son who is potty training like a fiend right now, and a dog that think far off amulences need to be warned off of our property. The dog also has the added bonus of barking at her reflection in the window… If i can get back tyo having my solid 5 I’ll be good. If i need to belly upt o the espresso bar a couple more times then you’ll know the type of night i had.

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