I’m a particular fellow. I work a certain way to make my way through any project. Most of the time it involves a copious amount of caffeine, other times involves the right music being played. But of late i have moved outside my comfort zone. At this point i could create an audio podcast in my sleep. I’ve done audio editing, and producing to create crisp clean content for well over 4 years. but video is a new beast, and i hate doing things poorly.

I have heard its better to get the content out and the process right rather than focus on the pretty. But i delayed starting the Caffination for 3 months because i didn’t have a good intro. I took the plunge and created the video content but now i’m worried about delivery, dispersal and all other types of problems. It helps to get the content out because if its boring or worthless no one will care anyway.

So we’re going to try and push on, perhaps bunching the content shoots together will help, i’m just not sure. Other than that I’m brainstorming. if anyone has any comments or helpful tips i’d love to hear them.

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