Tired? Not Me

How do you judge your body’s ability to stay awake? I usually sit at a rather highly caffeinated level, but I can still function before and perish the thought, without coffee. Coffee is merely a little extra hitch in my giddy-up, a little jet dry in the dishwasher of my day.

I find it fascinating how different people take to sleep. For instance my wife who NEEDS at least 8 hours to feel her best, and that 8 usually starts early. Myself, why I need, at least 4 hours of sleep. Just 4 to feel fine and ready to go in the AM. The problem with the second child has been that those 4 have been disjointed since she arrived. 7 Months now and we still get the random middle of the night adventure. And she isn’t even teething yet.

Part of my own personal issue is that I always feel like I’m missing something if I’m not awake and engaged into something. I have to force myself off the grid, away from a book, or away from a Game if I plan on getting any real sleep. I don’t ever have a problem getting to sleep either. If TV is boring enough i might nod off, i just don’t want to sleep. Been that way most of my life too. I can and have pulled All nighters, but they don’t suit me. I figure 20 productive hours is better the an extra 4 at less than optimal performance.

How does anyone else function? Are you a long sleeper or a circulatory hyper miler? Do You Nap? Night owl or Early bird?

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