I always knew while growing up that I wanted to have a family, just needed to find a lady crazy enough to stick with me. I found such a lady almost 12 years ago, and we married 6 years ago this May. writing those numbers almost seems surreal. Its been a long time of a good thing, through good times, and rough times we’ve been there for each other.

Our family started to grow 4 years ago with the addition of Paul Jr, and finally filled out completely just last year with Amber. It sounds sappy, it sounds ridiculous, but holding y two crazy kids in my arms, makes me feel complete. I know its a bit early in life to call this a win, and there are a lot of life left to work at but its going to be fun with this crew.

I think the most surprising part of being a father is sharing my particular brand of humor with the world. Look out people…


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