Consider then

If you think I’m weird, you should consider what I haven’t shared.
If you think I’m offensive consider the things I haven’t said.
If you think i’m wrong, consider at least I cared.
If you think I’m Stupid, consider this subject dead.

If you think I’m interesting consider what I’ve yet to do.
If you think I’m talented, consider what I have yet to make,
If you think I’m tired, consider what I’ve been through,
And if you think I’m real, consider what would be fake.

I choose not to think of myself as any of those things, good or bad. I’m just me. Spending too much time considering, or worrying about what you think, or how I seem doesn’t get me anywhere. but from time to time things pop up and exceptions need to be made. So Consider all things, and throw out what doesn’t help.

We aren’t one person, we are a house of mirrors seen from all sides. Each person sees a little of themselves in you, each person looks at you through their own experiences, by the light of their life. So no matter what you think you are, they will see you differently. try to be the best you you can be. And leave it at that.

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