Don’t Hate Mondays!


I’m tired of people spouting off about Monday. No more, I hate Monday’s. Or if someone has a touch of the late 90’s ironic. “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays…” But lets think about this does it make any sense to “Hate” Mondays? I Say no. And I can hopefully show you why its a bit ridiculous to waste that time… With MATH

You spend on average 8 hours a day sleeping. Which equates to roughly 33% of your life
So 66% of your life is spent awake.
Now 1/7 of that time or 14.2% is spent taking place on a Monday.
14.2 percent taken from the 66% awake time is left with 56% of your waking non Monday life left to live.

We aren’t even going to touch other days people don’t look forward to here. You are now left with half of your life, roughly, that you are writing off by default. Wouldn’t it make sense to give Monday a chance and push the percentage just a bit higher? I mean come on Monday is why they invented coffee.

This whole equation also shows why I don’t sleep 8 hours. I prefer 4 or 5. So that means I only sleep 20% of my life. Cuts down on the non useful time quite a bit.

So on average I work / enjoy and LIVE 13 % MORE than all you sleepy heads!

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