Starting new things is daunting. Looking at a blank canvas, an empty screen, or a clean notebook is frightening. I hate the thought that my first words, doodles or lines might be failures. At times its a paralyzing fear. I fear looking silly, but not being silly. I know I’m good at that. Why not wait just another day to start the illustration? Why not have another cup of coffee before working on the next chapter. Sure no big problem.

The problem happens when the putting off becomes so much easier that you don’t even feel the twinge of guilt. Hey there is TV to watch, games to play, sleep to have. I vacillate between not sleeping because I’m working on something and not sleeping because I’m thinking about something. Which gets back to starting.
It gets easier to start the more you do it. Same as it gets easier to do many things once you get on with it. The more you work at it the easier it becomes. Why post this story? Someone might see it down the road and find me less than suitable for hire. Because hey this guy has trouble starting.

Except you’re reading something I started, a conversation. Most times I close my eyes and push forward, putting anything down until I’m left with a dirty page, and then I have to clean it up with proper prose. I still feel the need to mention the trouble, because it might strike a cord with someone somewhere else. If you have trouble starting, try nonsense. A little nonsense now and then always sets me right. Start with nonsense, then organize.


How do you get started?

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