Category: Drivel

  • Time

    So I find myself with tons of stuff to do but not enough time to do it once again. Like post regularly on the non production related sites… Most of the time around here is spent on family stuff, honestly the wife is beating me in Tetris so bad, and so regularly I might need […]

  • So ends a decade of fat

    I entered into my 20’s a trim specimen capable of running long distances, working without a shirt if need be and visiting the beach without fear of harpoons. I was 6’2″ 180lbs at 20, a little underweight, a runner’s body with little to no real muscles, especially upper body muscles. During the roaring 20’s i settled down, stopped walking […]

  • That color looks good on you

    Facebook is full of crappy quizzes, junky “Which Snork are you?” applications So I treat anything which terms itself a uiz with hairy eyeball. This however is different the Color Career Counselor is certified as much as any quiz can be to be used as a tool in career coselling. Why not check yourself to […]

  • Mobile me

    So yesterday I picked up my first smartphone. The droid is pretty spiffy I must say. This whole post has been crafted on the wordpress app from the android app market. Very easy comment management and post editing should be a hoot in the future. The rest of the day will be. Spent on valentines […]

  • Workflow

    I’m a particular fellow. I work a certain way to make my way through any project. Most of the time it involves a copious amount of caffeine, other times involves the right music being played. But of late i have moved outside my comfort zone. At this point i could create an audio podcast in […]

  • Non Starter

    So the best laid plans have gone awry. between the work on the house breaking my hand then my finger two weeks apart, and a host of other excuses my grand plan for a book during the course of this month has gone no where. I’m sitting at 2,500 aproximate words when i should be […]

  • Motivation Pen

    One of the toughest mental challenges I ever attempted was the NaNoWriMo event of 2008. Basically the idea is to come up with a novel, story or collective piece of work that totals over 50,000 words. And you need to do this in the space of a month, November. Nanowrimo National Novel Writing Month To […]

  • Putting the dog to Sleep, not what you think

    So we have a new dog, at this point she’s been around for a couple months and we’re still getting used to each other I guess. She’s a Yorkie Poo, a rather frilly name, or a Porkie as the neighbor kids call her. Which happens to sound funnier and means we’re gonna need to feed […]

  • Sleep Trouble

    So I recently found out I’m a mutant… this is a good thing. Apparently us super humans need less sleep on average then you normal folks… even scientists have defended my lifelong position that i work perfectly well on less sleep.It has been brought to my attention that i drink a lot of coffee to […]

  • Storm

    Massive thunderstorm and a belly full of espresso make for a long night. I always love sitting through thunderstorms, the skys open the clouds split and the full range of sounds cascade down around you. The dog barks at the storm, poetry or irritant at 1 am? If the dog barks and the storm abates […]