Travel Mug

Travel Mug
Ah a blog concerning a blog. I seemed to be remiss in my attention to my blog as of late. but here is yet another post. Working on yet another redesign of the page because quite frankly i can’t stand this hypnotic blue backround. New backround to be up in no time

Microsoft Claims Mozilla Firefox Not a Threat to IE – MozillaZine Talkback

Microsoft Claims Mozilla Firefox Not a Threat to IE – MozillaZine Talkback

Not a threat… By even mentioning it they are identifying it as a threat. The police often release notices that people are considered “persons of interest” in a crime hoping that they might somehow think they are not suspects and come in of their own accord. It just means the police do not have enough information to call them as much yet.

That statement effectively declared Firefox as a of person of interest to Microsoft…

Fresh Brewed Goodness

Working on a couple new things, one of which being my attempt to learn a new programming language, Perl. Others involve being motivated… I’ll let you know how things fly.
I have definitely gotten out of the practice of learning and attempting to retain knowledge, because learning Perl is one of the hardest things I have done in a long while. I’m also working on CSS for this site and for personal development, We’ll see how that goes.

Defining terms

Check this out. A defining week in my life of sorts. I seem to love the underdogs a bit too muh anymore. So far over the past 7 – 10 days i have backed or cheered for all of the following
a.) Failed bid on the presidency,
b.)Leyland for manager of the Phillies, they went another direction,
c.) Millersville football to win while i was there supporting my sister’s school,
d.)Temple footbal to win, ok this was a longshot and in no way a dissapointment more an affirmation of sanity
e.)Two 76er’s games
f.) my beloved eagles to win… sobs quietly

Alright so far i’m 0-7 this week. Mayhaps Hockey will start up and change my luck, but i’m no mood for false hopes at this point. I could attempt to use my powers for good and start hopeing for things that people don’t want to happen as an insurance policy against their occuring. Food for thought.

I simply have to tell you

tonite we visited the lovely pub named the standard tap in northern liberties right here in the lovely town of philadelphia let me tell you twhen a beer has the word wallop in the name of it it isn’t kidding right now i am speaking to you after 4 lovely beverages and am feeling quite relaxed after a llong hard week i’ll tell you more when i get around to it but lets just suffice it to say i am feeling no pain at the moment. ahhh the sweet release at the end of the ardruous work week is there nothing sweeter…


Talk about a letdown. After supporting one canidate for the entire election i’m pretty sure that half of the country is feeling the burn right now. Its not jsut that exstreme conservitaves get under my skin with the holier than thou approach to life and governing its the smug expressions on their faces whenever they get proved right.

FYI i have no party affiliation i’m just a fan of changing things which didnt work in my opinion. But that is neither here nor there. We all have to deal with this guy for another 4 years, because we all know impeaching people doesn’t do a damn thing.

Well on to other things now… did anyone stop to think what had been taking up all of the airtime before political commercials? i can’t seem to remember i look forward to seeing adds for female problems during dinner and erectile disfunction adds during football once more i can stomach those a little better.

And Their OFF

Yahoo! News – Presidential Election Handed Off to Voters

Just a little reminder that everyone regardless of their views should vote today, unless you voted early that is 🙂 Well i cast my lot into the wind this morning at 7:15 and for the first time in my younge memory there was a line at the polling place. I usually get right in and right out but this time i had to park a block away. As an independant registered voter, ie no party affiliation I always chiuckle at the people who encourage you to just pull one level, or push one button. sigh people should read up on these things. Oh well my bet is that this whole shebang will be decided in the courts again. Would be nice to have a landslide just to shut both sides up. Go, whoever you like!

Meet the new leaf same as the old leaf

Ok so we’re here at Paul Inc. are trying to turn over a new leaf. Working out, Eating better, still not good but better non the less. I’m also working at seriously being more productave at work and gertting out of the office more often so that i don’t get bogged down by the end of the day i was doing that whole jaw tensing thing and it started to give me a headache so working on that should be neat.

Anywho one of the other things i’m seriously giving a go is the redesign again opf my webpage. it looks relitavly pedestrian and working in the graphic arts as i do i want this bitch to go offroad.

so we’ll see where that takes us.

Now i lay me down to sleep

Let me tell you after a long week its nice to sit back with a generic alcoholic beverage and relax while playing a video game. The booze usually cancles out my otherwise l33t sk1llz but what can you do. B33r however does not have such an affect I love playing games while on a beer load especially against a couple of buddies. But i digress. Just putting a note up concerning the joys of relaxing at the end of a hard week.

BTW if one more political ad for either party shows up on my TV i’m eriously going to consider voting for mickey mouse, i feel overwhelmed with false and negitave adds all day and night radio TV even the internet isn’t safe anymore. Instead of punch the monkey i guess where going for slap the canidate