Now I try to consider myself platform independent. That is to say that i don’t prefer PC over a Mac, nor Mac over a PC unilaterally. There are certain things which i consider to be outstanding aspects of both. For instance macs have usually flawless design, and are a tightly integrated little package. But when you control the hardware, and the OS this is much easier done. For PC’s I love their mailability, hack-ability and usability. You can make your PC do anything, its much easier to get your PC to step outside the box for a moment, and do something that the hardware or software manufacturer may not have designed it to do.

But thats not what i came to talk to you about today, today i came to talk about the draft… err With one foot firmly in each camp it is then with no small amount of vitriol that i look upon the recent Ads for Mac systems. Why the condescension? Why the holier than though attitude. I didn’t like the switch campaign and this has even more bile laced into it. Is this campaign in reaction to the PC’s overwhelming popularity or low cost. They should have had a second campaign, with the same actors if possible where the PC guys gets to go home with the college cheerleader, while the Mac gets stuck with the ancient professor. Because of affordability. Seriously put them both in a window and the chicky can pick the PC guy because she can afford him and doesn’t have to mortgage anything. Then have a rather smarmy looking professor leer at the uncomfortable mac and take him home… I think we have a winner.

This being said i have used both machines since grade school, macs in school, because they could afford them, and PC’s at home because we could. The entire reason I’m talking about this is that when i logged on to Apple’s website last night looking for an iPod driver i was automatically greeted with a Mac v PC add. sigh. At least one of the more recent innovation is a two button mouse. There’s a shocker.

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