Candles and Their ends

My mom used the tell me that I was burning the candle at both ends. Saying that by staying up late and working on too many things I was loosing focus and making the effort in each area less effective. At least that’s what I realize she was saying years after the fact. It’s also a proven… Continue reading Candles and Their ends


My medical chart, depending on the doctors office I’m in, is usually quite impressive. I’ve had more surgeries than I care to count, I’m tired of explaining my funky bone disease to every X-ray tech on the planet. That would be osteoencondromatosis in the 4th and 5th proximal phalange on each hand… But to be… Continue reading Tough

Jury walk about

Today is jury duty, its actually still going on. But this post isn’t about that but rather about free time. The judge gave us a two hour lunch, and I love me some people watching so center city is my oyster! Taking lunch at reading terminal is nice, but it doesn’t really have enough seating… Continue reading Jury walk about

So ends a decade of fat

I entered into my 20’s a trim specimen capable of running long distances, working without a shirt if need be and visiting the beach without fear of harpoons. I was 6’2″ 180lbs at 20, a little underweight, a runner’s body with little to no real muscles, especially upper body muscles. During the roaring 20’s i settled down, stopped walking… Continue reading So ends a decade of fat

Wall of Sound

I love being a dad. It gives you all sorts of excuses to act silly and immature, well more than i already have. Paul is just over two and a half at this point and is running wild with energy at any given time. He simply doesn’t stop. He has a  motor that has no… Continue reading Wall of Sound

Wrapping it up

It was a fantastic holiday season. Good times were had by all. A ton of small little arguments where hashed out, brought up forgotten and all is well. Thats what holidays are all about. not the fights, nor the plans. But rather the forgiveness. they test family units repeatedly and at length. I love taking… Continue reading Wrapping it up

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That Guy

The recent playoff debacle concerning the overachieving Philadelphia Phillies aside the whole thing has brought one fundamental thing about me to light. I’m not a sports guy, I’m a fan, but i could not expound upon it at great length for very long, I get the smaller players names screwed up too often. The same… Continue reading That Guy