Mr Mom, Social Media Style

Both my wife and I work. We have one child, Paul who is 17 months old. Unfortunately since we both work, we miss out on some of of the fun of having him around all the time. This really gets to both of us on different occasions. Today i got to take a rare day off to be with my son. It was just the boy and myself for 90% of the day. And it was awesome, we get up shared breakfast, me a coffee, him milk. And I got to check my email, seesmic a little and twitter all throughout the day during the lulls in action. Paul even got in on the show. In fact i don’t hesitate to say he stole the show. as you can see below.
The best part was getting to play outside and in the park, there is preciously little daylight left at the end of the day usually so this was a nice change. Besides he is so much happier of a child before 5 pm.He just starts to wear down and get cranky after that, poor little man needs to keep to our schedule to a certain extent so he needs to get up at 6am too. Here are today’s fun Vids
Not too much to work with on that one…
I still can’t get over just how cute he is doing that. The “All done” comes out rapid fire or very emphatically when he doesn’t want to be somonewhere, like a car seat, or the mall.
Check out the CaffiNation for the last vid from this morning.

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