A little Nonsense


I love a good practical joke, almost as much as some of the more creative entities out there. I’m not announcing anything silly or funny today. But rather I’m curious why some people seem to get irritated that on one day of the year a good number of people like to play jokes on their readers, their listeners or anyone who they come into contact with.

On the news this morning the anchor appeared too stunned to talk for several seconds, with everyone staring at him like he lost his mind. He quickly regained composure and let everyone know he just wanted to start the broadcast off right for the day. I love that in a newscast.

I like this attitude. I love nonsense, and I adore jokes. If you can “get me” on April Fools day, they you have my respect. I’m usually on my guard. If you spend the whole day complaining then you have my disdain, and frankly I’m overstocked with disdain, spread it around why don’t you.

As the line from the Gene Wilder driven Willy Wonka reads, “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.”

Things are serious enough out there, hows about a day dedicated to levity.Every year I dedicate one episode of The CaffiNation Podcast to the Cause, Last year was awesome, this year is going to be full of jokes.

I’m an April Fool, and I’m Proud of it!img_1475

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