Category: Ponderings

  • Unscramble an Egg

    It’s a common saying that you can’t unscramble, although it is technically not so true anymore, The saying still metaphorically has a decent amount of weight. It is also where I find myself all too often, scrambled. I spent the first three decades of my life learning to live with the scrambled way my brain […]

  • shave the face

    I have had a beard / goatee or some other form of facial adornment since I was 16, I’m 32 now. So for half of my life roughly I’ve been covering my real face with a nicely shaped hedge, a topical topiary of sorts. I shaved the beard completely off yesterday, I don’t know why. […]

  • Babies Change Things

    A lot of things can shift the way you look at the world. The big changes in anyone’s life are easy to point out. Birth, is by far one of the bigger things.  At one point you stare back at yourself in a mirror and you say “I’m a Father?” Or whatever noun you have […]

  • A little Nonsense

    I love a good practical joke, almost as much as some of the more creative entities out there. I’m not announcing anything silly or funny today. But rather I’m curious why some people seem to get irritated that on one day of the year a good number of people like to play jokes on their […]

  • Story Teller

    One of the Men outside of my own family responsible for shaping who i am today died this past fall, i didn’t find out about it until much to late to do anything beyond send a digital missive to the family. Chuck Benshetler: In Memoriam I knew Mr B from being in troop 252. He […]

  • Tradition

    This year is so much different. My son is a year older, and he’s so much more aware. Christmas is coming alive again like is hasn’t since i was a little kid. Tree day was enjoyed by all. Little holiday traditions are brimming with excitement, and he’s only 14 months old. I can’t wait to […]

  • Hello?

    Alright this is the first test of the emergency Blogcasting system. Should this post then all is right with the world. Should this not then we have some minor issues that need to be dealt with. For those of you not in the know, which is probably everyone. WordPress has upgraded its blogging platform from […]

  • Father Redux

    I have long wondered what type of dad i would be. Whether i would live up to the high standards my dad set for me. As a loving and caring and involved father. So with this in mind it is easy to see why certain stories which I not have given a second thought to […]

  • With Great Power

    Ok so its a misleading title i will be the first to apologize. But this post is entirely about the lack of useable power options on even the simplest baby items verse the over abundance of adapters to power portable gadgets. In a nutshell thats about it… But follow as we crack this bitch open. […]