With Great Power

BouncerOk so its a misleading title i will be the first to apologize. But this post is entirely about the lack of useable power options on even the simplest baby items verse the over abundance of adapters to power portable gadgets.

In a nutshell thats about it… But follow as we crack this bitch open. The genesis of this post was looking at my son’s swing, his bouncer and all of the other sedentary gadgets which require batteries. This swing is a monster its got a bidirectional basket for the child, music choices, variable speeds, spinning fish and colored lights. I;’m pretty sure the next iteration of this item will come with ground effects, bucket seats, and 15″ dubs. But i digress, this behemoth is powered by 4 D batteries. Which are expensive. I am proud of the fact that we have a stockpile of rechargeable double A batteries for the bevy of gadgets and gizmo’s around the house. I have yet to find the rechargeable D size batteries. But i also haven’t looked very hard. even the bouncer pictured reqires 4 D batteries to vibrate and it has attachements with colored lights, spinning fish and all kinds of stuff. Crazy

The thing that gets me is that this swing, by nature is a pain in the ass to move from one place to another, virtually impossible to take any place via automobile and yet it lacks a very tiny port that my CD player has, a little external power port. what would be the crime of connecting this monster to the house power? Am i missing some sort of plot to sell more batteries? The same goes with all of the other doo dads and gadgets that this kid has access to. in fact I’m starting to feel the same way about this stuff that i do about fishing lures, the fancy ones aren’t for the fish or in this case the kids but rather the parents / consumer / angler. They spiffy ones catch mom and dads’;s eyes. At this point in their life the child could care less if this swing did little more than swing… I had better move along at this point he just found his tongue again and the cat is staring him down. I’m off to avert a meeting of the minds. Fuzzy tongues be damned.

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