Category: Rant

  • Snow Joke

    Beware the wrath of the Snowpocalypse is upon us once more. Repent and be saved by warmer climates. News media are a little late on the Snowpocalypse bandwagon, they completely missed snowmageddon, and snowmageddon 2 electric boogaloo, Perhaps they will catch on before Son of Snowpacalypse? All the hype, and the names thrown about were […]

  • Hidden Treasures, growing pains

    These tiles might be ugly but they look comfy The wife and I were giving the house its yearly spring cleaning top to bottom once over which included scrubbing floors, getting into the corners in the back of closets and the like. We just moved into this house, as our first home, in July of […]

  • Run Down

    So Most of you know that I have been trying to get everything in order for a retry of the Host change for the CaffiNation podcast. Basically here is what happened up until this point. Bought hosting from godaddy on the suggestion of many people. Transfered 2 blogs and started one new website, www.PaulRjMuller. All […]

  • All Aboard,

    There is something very wrong about the way public transit works out for me. It costs me an arm and a leg more to be green than it does to kill some dinosaurs a second time. If data plans were not so damn expensive i could actually post this from the train I’m riding. Which […]

  • Stop the Planet I want off…

    Recent events had indicated to me that I might need to reexamine my “filter” when conversing with normal people, acting in a public manner and commenting on current events. In short I think things are funny, which may have been funny 10 years ago, but now are “cause for concern” A juxtaposition of innocent and […]

  • Early Morning Rage Building…

    I promised i wouldn’t say anything else about this damn phone on my Podcast,, but that doesn’t stop me from bitching about it here. Alright I might be alone on this one but I am starting to get more than fed up with iPhone news. I read a lot of gadget and news sites […]

  • Pancakes… that is all

    032907_17351.jpg Originally uploaded by pzul-box. This is an image from the front of a box of Bisquick. Why is this important? Well this is just more proof that the world we live in has gone completely batshit loco. Why you ask? Well on the pictured box there are labels on all of the wonderful dishes […]

  • Only In Philadelphia

    When New York City announced its smoking ban in all restaurants and bars, smokers griped, people cheered and businesses lived on. It was viewed by many as the correct move to become more health conscious as a city entity. I personally longed for such a change in Philadelphia, but was convinced that it would never […]

  • Obligatory Election Day Post

    As a card carrying member of the “blogosphere” i feel that it is my sworn duty to attempt to drive traffic to my site during the election day rush. So I fully intend on plugging political tags into this post. Anthropological training here is kicking in so i guess i should identify my bias. I […]

  • With Great Power

    Ok so its a misleading title i will be the first to apologize. But this post is entirely about the lack of useable power options on even the simplest baby items verse the over abundance of adapters to power portable gadgets. In a nutshell thats about it… But follow as we crack this bitch open. […]