Pancakes… that is all


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This is an image from the front of a box of Bisquick. Why is this important? Well this is just more proof that the world we live in has gone completely batshit loco.

Why you ask? Well on the pictured box there are labels on all of the wonderful dishes one can concoct with the batter. They had to label pancakes… I’ll wait a minute to let that one sift into your consciousness. At some point someone in the publications department sat there and thought to himself. “People might not know what this is. I don’t want them to think we support making flapjacks with this mix, no its pancakes or nothing. ”

What type of rock would you have to be under if you don’t know that those are pancakes? Do you need to be purchasing a Pancake creating mixture if you don’t know what the hell they are? Admittedly the picture next to the offending one is Chicken fiesta, that needed a label, not the pancakes. I’m surprised we didn’t see a second smaller label for raspberry, and an asterisk for not included.

Then it had to get approved through layers of management and fail safes. This goes way beyond the instructions on toothpicks, ala Wonko the Sane in Douglas Adams universe. No this breaks the sound barrier of crazy.

The only thing that will top this, and I guarantee you I will not only go off the deep end should i see it but I’m taking people with me, if i see ingredients of fruit.
Ingredients: Apples… yup thats about it. People will suffer i promise you…

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