Early Morning Rage Building…

I promised i wouldn’t say anything else about this damn phone on my Podcast, www.caffination.com, but that doesn’t stop me from bitching about it here.

Alright I might be alone on this one but I am starting to get more than fed up with iPhone news. I read a lot of gadget and news sites to get info for my podcast, www.caffination.com, and unfortunately new and truly interesting news is getting pushed aside because some ass found another picture of that stupid phone.� This phone will cause more cancer than it will cure, it might be a spiffy new gadget, but its not the second coming. Hats off the the Marketing drones over there but they have moved me beyond geeky lust. I no longer want to play with it. I swear I’m almost to the point of throwing the “Jesus Phone” into a lake to see if the silly little SOB CAN walk on water.

Anything else i say beyond this point you could probably extrapolate from that last paragraph. Lets hope June 29 runs its little rear end here pronto, so at least i can start hearing some reviews. I think the part of this entire process which bugs me is the complete lack of content in� any of these articles. Thank god I’m not reading the traditional media’s take on it. Traditional media has this wonderful folly of placing the same two paragraphs at the bottom of each story about a given subject. They sum up what happens.So for instance when the whole Anna Nicole smith crap was going on they summed up the story at the bottom of every page about it, same thing with the Philadelphia Eagles and TO, same thing with any viral inane story that appears on their precious news wire.

You know I better stop before I pop a vessel or something. As you were ladies and gentlemen .

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