Run Down

So Most of you know that I have been trying to get everything in order for a retry of the Host change for the CaffiNation podcast. Basically here is what happened up until this point. Bought hosting from godaddy on the suggestion of many people. Transfered 2 blogs and started one new website, www.PaulRjMuller. All of which are considered development stage sites. All are in constant transition. This blog has the longest tail of any of my current web sites online. So I occasionally add an audio file to a blog post to test posting an episode of the CaffiNation Podcast. Both the CaffiNation Podcast and Puzzle Piece Productions, are considered production environments, so i hesitate to make any changes there.


Sunday past I finished moving the entire directory of CaffiNation Episodes, some 3 + GBs of data to the new host, with as little fanfare as possible I moved the domain over, never testing PodPress to see if i could Post an actual episode of the CaffiNation, let alone play any previous episodes. Huge Mistake to say the least The results were a disaster. 5 hours of downtime. 3 hours of 500 Server error, and one frustrated podcaster. So I returned to my current host tail between my legs to set up Episode 204 for distribution. That worked fine on the old server and you are seeing the fruit of my testing of podpress, 8.8 and WordPress 2.3.2 on my personal blog. I’m trying to see if there is anything I missed this time. I even preformed security related upgrades to the blog in the hopes of settling the system down. So far, so good. A little audio clip at the end of this rant and we should be golden. I’m going to try and finalize the CaffiNation Upgrade in a seamless manner some time late 2/5/2008. If all goes well you won’t even know it happened. Here’s Hoping.

BTW Sesame Street Clip is direct result of trying to troubleshoot a problem while the Boy was watching Sesame Street 25th Anniversary musical numbers in the background. Big Bird is much more of a whiner than I remember.

~I now return you to Ramon Racello and his Orchestra~~~

— update — Podcast is now on Godaddy, time to schedule domain transfer of last service and we’ll be all set. Then I’ll dish i promise.


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