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  • Scouting

    I am an Eagle Scout, so is My Father. Less than 1% of boys who enter scouting ever reach this rank. Yet I happen to associate with a bunch of different men who did. Life works out that way. I was contacted a while ago by the BSA to join the NESA, National Eagles Scout […]

  • I Lost My Voice Today

    I love baseball, its a sport of passion, emotion and connection. Is it because the game is slow enough at times that you can get a good look at the Boys in blue for your particular city? Is it because the game is old enough that it benefits from the tradition being passed from generation […]

  • George Carlin, Bilabial Fricative Master

    I’ve been reading tribute after tribute to George Carlin these last few days, some of them profane, a couple of them profound, Kevin Smith did it up right. I’m not going to put out a profanity laden tribute, its just not my style. I’ve been know to throw down a bleep here or there but […]

  • Service…

    The Long and the short of this tale are that you should always seek to treat every customer as if they were your only customer. You never know who you might be pissing off. My last hosting company never learned that and through the various times i was on hold for 4 hours, before i […]

  • Run Down

    So Most of you know that I have been trying to get everything in order for a retry of the Host change for the CaffiNation podcast. Basically here is what happened up until this point. Bought hosting from godaddy on the suggestion of many people. Transfered 2 blogs and started one new website, www.PaulRjMuller. All […]

  • A Problem

    I’ve been dreading this day. Here is the skinny without too many details. Once i get all the small bits sorted out I’ll be a little more forthcoming with details. I have had the same hosting provider for 6 years now. There have been many ups and downs. My orginal website was a typical personal […]

  • Small Note.

    I have to admit I had a hard going some times to get the podcast up and running now i just need to schedule time for this blog and i should be set with two point of presence. I also need to focus in on content for this blog. I’m having no small amount of […]

  • Support Philly Police

    Hello my Fellow Philadelphians and Ex-pats, Lets face it, this has been a rough couple of weeks for the Finest here in Philadelphia. They have to deal with a city run amok with murder, community backlash and now direct assault upon their ranks. There seems to be an air of trepidation hanging over the city […]

  • Well now… This is Different

        I’ve been a lifelong Philadelphia Sports fan, even in my angst filled teenage years, I still went to games, publicly decried liking sports, but silently rooted for my teams to win. I came out of the sports closet again at 17 or 18 and have no qualms about my addiction now. I love […]

  • Longevity

    A story recently surfaced about a Japanese business which was the longest running family business in world history. Founded in 538. Yes that would be a 1400 year run, through 40 company presidents and a slew of world changes, as builders of Buddhist Temples. The thing which enabled this company to succeed where others have […]