A Problem

I’ve been dreading this day.

Here is the skinny without too many details. Once i get all the small bits sorted out I’ll be a little more forthcoming with details. I have had the same hosting provider for 6 years now. There have been many ups and downs.

My orginal website was a typical personal web site called the Pzul Box, a take off of my nickname from high school. It also orginally sat on Geocities before Yahoo bought them, well before. After the purchase by Yahoo, Geocites went downhill rather quickly for someone with no money like myself. So i eventually bought my very own domain name, and hosting account for pennies on the dollar compared to Yahoo. It is with that company, ****, that i spent 6 years of my online life. Through a great many different permutations of my personal, my buisness, and later on my blog and podcast sites.  This is all changing in the next week. Two of my sites are already off the old host and are now lovingly nestled on GoDaddy’s hosting. I hated moving from an apartment to a house but it was worth it, I hated migrating files from one host to another, but i feel that this will work out the same way. Already the server I’m on seems more stable and the transfers are snappy.

But now the big guns need to move. The CaffiNation Podcast, and the Puzzle Piece Productions main website need to come over. CaffiNation’s files are halfway there but it takes a damn long time to shuffle 5 gigs of data from one server to another. I still have 125 episodes left to upload to the new server and then i need to try and rip the Puzzle Piece Pro domain from the other hosting provider’s clutches. I’ll detail all of this is an upcoming episode of the CaffiNation but i thought i needed to post something since I’ve been so busy manging database migrations, file transfers and general cleansing of cruft.   So please stay tuned hopefully it won’t be too bad

~We now return you to the sounds of ramon racello and his orchestra…

One response to “A Problem”

  1. Paul,

    I love Godaddy, With your piece of the internet you can two can be a star. My domain is hosted by GoDaddy. I’ve been really pleased with it. If there is anything I can do let me know!!

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