A story recently surfaced about a Japanese business which was the longest running family business in world history. Founded in 538. Yes that would be a 1400 year run, through 40 company presidents and a slew of world changes, as builders of Buddhist Temples. The thing which enabled this company to succeed where others have failed is a mix of logic, conservationism and operating in a stable industry. This company recently ended their run as they fell victims to a series of economic hardships, and bad business decisions.
I find myself in awe of this achievement, partially because as an American buildings are rare at 300 years old around here, let alone 1400 years. If I were to look out my office window onto the great city of Philadelphia, roll back the clock to 200 years ago, we were but a small city, 300 years ago, a small frontier town. And at the Paltry sum of 400 years ago not even a twinkle in the founding father’s father’s eye. But 1400 years… I couldn’t even imagine. Good show and good read. I heartily suggest your read the article and glean what business / life insight you can from it.

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