The Long and the short of this tale are that you should always seek to treat every customer as if they were your only customer. You never know who you might be pissing off. My last hosting company never learned that and through the various times i was on hold for 4 hours, before i even got to speak to a human. They lost their way. I have recommended them as an affordable option which provided rock solid performance to ALL of my consulting clients previously. I have since had to apologize to those people and fill them in on what is happening. That makes my word less valueable as a commodity, which in consulting is a very bad thing. The New hosting company is GoDaddy, I have had to call twice already for help transferring my domains over. Both times i spent less than 15 minutes on hold and the person i reached was knowledgeable, polite and understanding. That is Good Service. Ipower has lost its way, they no longer provide anything which could be considered good service. I mourn the loss of their usefulness, but now that I’m migrated over I rejoice at the new world in front of me.

I’ll keep you up to date but so far no issues, and for a hosting situation no issues are great issues!

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