Support Philly Police

Hello my Fellow Philadelphians and Ex-pats,

Lets face it, this has been a rough couple of weeks for the Finest here in Philadelphia. They have to deal with a city run amok with murder, community backlash and now direct assault upon their ranks. There seems to be an air of trepidation hanging over the city and her officers. Normal Law abiding citizens seem to be on edge like never before as assaults, and murders mount around us. But through all of this the Police are there, doing their best to control the chaos and make headway against the blight. They put their lives on the line daily, as we all saw with the tragic death of Officer Chuck Cassidy recently. And they need an outpouring of support. I was recently told of an event hoping to do just that so without further ado.

Support Philly Police Beef and Beer
Wed Nov 7, 2007 – 6 to 9pm
Finnigan’s Wake – 3rd and Spring Garden

$10 at the door – all proceeds benefit The Philadelphia Police Survivors Benefit – a fund, managed by the F.O.P., for fallen officer’s families. Join Preston & Steve, Pierre, Matt Cord, special guests and the rest of us here at MMR to create some positive energy in light of recent tragedies involving Philadelphia Police Officers.

I hope that at least some of your locals can spread the word. Do this for the officers who are there day in and day out protecting and serving. Please consider this or another means of showing your support for the people who risk everything for us.

~Paul Rj Muller

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