Small Note.

I have to admit I had a hard going some times to get the podcast up and running now i just need to schedule time for this blog and i should be set with two point of presence. I also need to focus in on content for this blog.

I’m having no small amount of trouble with m hosting companies setup right now and I would prefer to have things set up a different way. so we may be moving. I hate change and I’ve been with the current structure for 6 years now. Thats forever in internet speak. Good news is i think i’ll actually end up saving money, for what other people say is fantastic new service. we shall see. The CaffiNation Podcast, Boilerpl8, The Travelers Mug, and Puzzle Piece Productions all need to be migrated. with the caffination podcast being a HUGE investment in time. Only time will tell how easy this will end up being. Stay tuned for more info. And I’l disclose the names of everyone involved after things are settled.

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