Snow Joke

Beware the wrath of the Snowpocalypse is upon us once more. Repent and be saved by warmer climates. News media are a little late on the Snowpocalypse bandwagon, they completely missed snowmageddon, and snowmageddon 2 electric boogaloo, Perhaps they will catch on before Son of Snowpacalypse? All the hype, and the names thrown about were a joke people… a long sad little joke. Made to make fun of the media and their hyper reality… By adopting the terms and actually using them to sell your bread and milk you’re taking all the fun out of it! Put away the live team coverage for pete’s sake and let’s hear a bit about the news of the day. Yes its cold, yes it snowed. Move on, and find a nice fun story to report on… you know like reporters should.

The only thing the weather really changes is which citizen’s get on my nerves on a daily basis. Don’t shovel your snow into the street… It causes problems. Get your rear end onto the sidewalk when walking around. Just because the street has snow it doesn’t mean I get to drive on the sidewalk does it? And last but not least if you didn’t clear a foot of snow out of your spot put the trashcan away.

Try and live by a little Bill and Ted. Be excellent to one another!

Paul Out!

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