Story Teller

One of the Men outside of my own family responsible for shaping who i am today died this past fall, i didn’t find out about it until much to late to do anything beyond send a digital missive to the family.

Chuck Benshetler: In Memoriam

I knew Mr B from being in troop 252. He was not only one of the most upstanding men I have ever had the pleasure of learning from but also an excellent example of what a scout is supposed to be. Other than my father and grandfather, I can’t think of a single other man in my young adult life who affected me the way Mr B did, he didn’t just teach the scout code and law, but he lived them.

Learning from him the ways of scouting and getting to sit in on lessons about just about everything else are memories i will always treasure. Sam Magee and all the rest were introduced to us kids by the wonderful storyteller Mr B.

That was what I posted to his family. But his legacy goes well beyond that it has taken a long time for that to sink in. He was one of the most consummate storytellers I have ever know. He lived the story as he told it. He was not over dramatic but he made you feel the tales he spun way down deep. His voice and feeling resonated with each sentence and each pause. I could only hope to come close to what he was able to do.

I should probably do a storyteller post here some time, It seems I’ve been surrounded by wonderful voices my whole life and Mr B was no exception.

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