Called Out

Despite my tales of walking the dog getting stopped a little short as I watch the neighborhood hoodlums act out in the last gasps of summer this won’t be one of those posts.

Walking to the gym during work the other day I was met by a friend who I’ve worked near for about 6 years now. And this is what he said to me…

GodDAMN boy… you put on some mutherf#@kin weight! you a’ight?” How does one respond to this. Well first off he was right, I’m much bigger than I was in January when he saw me last. That was one abdominal surgery and a broken hand ago, we like to call that springtime around here. I don’t do well in keeping myself out of injuries way during the spring.But I’m done with excuses.

I’m not offended, if anything I’m hoping to walk by my friend as I continue going back to the gym now that its open once more. I’ll think of his comment whenever the fridge door sneaks open late at night.

My response? “Hell yeah I put on some weight, and thats why I’m on my way to the gym.” to which he responded

Aight man go get your sweat on.

Sweat I will, I think I need more people like this guy around. Call them like you see them people, if you don’t mind.

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