shave the face

I have had a beard / goatee or some other form of facial adornment since I was 16, I’m 32 now. So for half of my life roughly I’ve been covering my real face with a nicely shaped hedge, a topical topiary of sorts. I shaved the beard completely off yesterday, I don’t know why. Maybe its a subconscious need for a fresh start, maybe its a narcissistic need to have other comment on a physical change. Maybe it was because my face was too warm in the summer time.

But like I said I’ve spent half of my life hiding behind a false face, should i be offended if people prefer the hairy face over the naked face? I”m not, in fact i’m pretty sure i dig the bearded me more than not, its just fun to do something for the hell of it sometimes.

I still think i look like two different people, I don’t think i’m acting like it though. But if you asked me which person i identified with being i’d point to the bearded one every time.

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