Alright this is the first test of the emergency Blogcasting system. Should this post then all is right with the world. Should this not then we have some minor issues that need to be dealt with. For those of you not in the know, which is probably everyone. WordPress has upgraded its blogging platform from 2.0.X to 2.1.X, in which x is a version number. This change while seemingly purely numerical is a heads and tails jump above the last version, there are cool gadgets behind the scenes to make this a change worth doing.

So of course i dragged me feet getting this up and running. One of the primo changes was actually being able to set pages to draft and private. Previously i had to create pages as if they would be posts, only to transfer them at a later date. Now none of this means anything to anyone.

This blog while most of the time is a rant-infested, panacea for my mind has also turned into the proving grounds for the younger, leaner, and larger brother to my right, the CaffiNation Podcast. So Should this go off without a hitch, and there could have been several then the CaffiNation will be next. Cross your fingers, and put your heads between your legs. First post on the new system


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