This year is so much different. My son is a year older, and he’s so much more aware. Christmas is coming alive again like is hasn’t since i was a little kid. Tree day was enjoyed by all. Little holiday traditions are brimming with excitement, and he’s only 14 months old. I can’t wait to see what the future Christmas’ hold for our little. Family. I just wanted to post a quick little shot as a collection of the traditions we have going right now and the one we are starting.

  • First off we have Tree Day, which is the day in which my Wife’s extended family searches for each individual families Christmas tree, en mass. This year we got a mother beautiful tree.
  • Cookie Day, is the day in which my wife makes cookies for all of our work friends and people, i steal batter and there are dozens of cookies flying around the house. his year the list grew so big we had to have 2 cookies days… the horror.
  • Longwood Garden. Is an arboretum located just south of Philadelphia. Every year they have a wonderful Christmas Light setup going, complete with conservatory and tree’s decorated by local School Children. This year we went with our Friends Dave and Marianne. It marks the 6 or 7th year in a row we have gone.
    • This tradition is so special to Both Jen and I because in 2003, in the conservatory I did it with the ring and one knee. I proposed to my now wife on bended knee. It took her a couple of seconds but i got the answer i was looking for.
  • Christmas Eve, her family has a shindig, Christmas Dinner with My Family, Desert with her Grandmother (Its her birthday as well) Then usually the Saturday after christmas my Mother’s family gathers for feasting and presents.

As if the calendar wasn’t full enough this year we started a tradition in which we opened our home for brunch on Christmas morning. Both immediate families and PJ’s should be a blast.

Wheew… even writing this is tiring.


 Waiting for Santa!

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  1. Heh.. Merry Christmas, from one new father to another! Our little guy is having a blast with the tree, though so far the wrapping paper has proved to be a little more interesting than the one or two gifts he’s opened so far… Christmas day should be fun 🙂

    Longwood Gardens is one of our favorite places to visit, too! We haven’t been there in well over a year… Maybe this summer or next Christmas!

    And.. umm.. you look kinda evil in that photo 🙂


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