Father Redux

I have long wondered what type of dad i would be. Whether i would live up to the high standards my dad set for me. As a loving and caring and involved father. So with this in mind it is easy to see why certain stories which I not have given a second thought to other than a brief condolence would hit me the way that they now do. Upon having a son of my own i see the connection all too clearly now. As I already enumerated before.
One such story is of a fellow podcaster Andru Edwards and his tribute to his father. As I read his story I was preparing my podcast with my own son in my arms and i was touched. Alright i cried like a baby, and the baby didn’t seem to mind. His post is a fitting tribute to what i can only surmise was a fantastic father and a wonderful human being. At the end of our life we can ask no more than to be remembered as kind, loving and attentive fathers. Andru I am truly sorry for your loss and pray that you and your family see your way through this.


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