That Guy

The recent playoff debacle concerning the overachieving Philadelphia Phillies aside the whole thing has brought one fundamental thing about me to light. I’m not a sports guy, I’m a fan, but i could not expound upon it at great length for very long, I get the smaller players names screwed up too often.

The same thing goes for music, I love me some music, but i couldn’t tell you what album a particular song is from, nor cars, nor airplanes, nor guns. I know enough about most subjects to not come off sounding like a tool, i have a vast array of knowledge gained as a defense mechanism so I won’t get caught off guard. I hate being out of place in any conversation but i have finally come to the point in my life where i need to embrace my aspect, that is to say concentrate on what i excel at.

I’m a computer guy, a video game guy, and a nerd. Focus on that and I’ll be fine.

I now return you to the sounds of ramon racello and his orchestra.


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