Jury walk about


Today is jury duty, its actually still going on. But this post isn’t about that but rather about free time. The judge gave us a two hour lunch, and I love me some people watching so center city is my oyster!

Taking lunch at reading terminal is nice, but it doesn’t really have enough seating for the lunchyime crowd. So an outside trip with a Greasy but good bacon cheeseburger.

I am firmly convinced that the true worth of any quick food joint lies in the production value and taste of a bacon cheeseburger. Frank’s passed with flying colors and a sh#tton of tasty shoestring fries.

On to the coffee, Old City Coffee’s six bean espresso is a revalation, and smooth black ichor of wonder. Try it if you get the chance, not even sure which six beans they are. If I end up sitting on a trial I’ll find out.

And to lovie stubbs, tu wangs and kurt waddels, thanks for adding a fun undertone to the name calling process, even if they were mispronounced at first. Now I still have an hour left of lunch an espresso to drink and time to spend with douglas adams and his salmon of doubt, nothing fits a day in court like a nice bit of the absurd. How would you spend your two hours?

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