CaffiNation Redux, 053a in review

Hello all,

Rather unusual that I’ll send a second post. There was a small problem with the first song on last nights show, it seems that there was a profane selection nestled quietly in the end of the tune, which I had not heard when I chose the song. listening to the first 70 % of the song didn’t yield a single profanity, so I assumed all is well and picked the tune. It seems that the final 30% was dedicated to a rather raunchy tale and verse. Upon listening to the song/show this morning I excised the offending bits and re posted the entire show. Please re d-wnload the show if you where offended and be assured that I will take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The old audio is no longer on the site and is unavailable to download. So if you didn’t download the material yet then your version is clean of the offending bits. Enjoy the show.

I enjoy having my show labled as a clean piece so that people may listen to it in work or whereever without having to wonder about what might pop out of the speakers at any given point in time. As someone who enjoys a wide variety of entertainment I’m not opposed to material which may to others seem profane, but rather I realize that such material has its place and hope that people will allow me this small faux paus. Thanks you and stay caffeinated.

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