Trouble in the Middle East

Unusually topical, hopefully not offensive. Concerning the whole struggle I just find it tragic for the people involved who have no vested interest in the outcome one way or another. Be they on one side or the other. I’m not taking sides in the struggle because after considerable review I still don’t think I have enough information to make an informed decision one way or another. Certain things seem wrong no matter who does it. Perhaps I’m just an overly cautious person.

Concerning non sequiturs and the war. After seeing the peace was imminent did people rejoice that a cease fire was on the way? No they acted like bullies and ruffians about to get caught by the teacher and got a couple more shots in before they were pulled off the kid. You would think that this would seem a bit counter intuitive as in 1 hour the action you just followed through with would not be allowed. Also it shines a light on the whole situation which is truly tragic. This peace will not last, if both parties were committed to this process the end would have been welcomed, no one would have needed to get the last shot in. The very fact that they did makes me think that this peace is wholly artificial and unfortunately for the children and the bystanders not yet over. Or hopefully I am wrong.


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