CaffiNation Rewind

Up until this point I had been posting all of the shows cross post style this will server as notice that that will no longer be the case but rather a content related rant / post will accompany each Corresponding Caffination posting. That is to say that after every episode I’ll post something related but not directly pulled from the episode. In the hopes that fresh content will spur development of a sizeable readership. Which in time will allow me to take over the world… er. yeah… about that whole last line. Perhaps it would have been better to say developer a sizeable read ship for personal fulfillment, and world domination. Its like putting a nice dress on a rabid skunk. much better that way, at least the comment seems better with that phraseology in there.

Edit on 12/1/2006:

As of 12 -1 -2006 all CaffiNation Posts have been moved over to the new home of the CaffiNation Podcast


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