The Sameness of Innovation

In my Podcast found at i spoke for a short time concerning the problems now facing the Apple Computers design team. When the iPod was first introduced in 2001 it was a major paradigm shift in music. it was as if a new continent previously undiscovered in the musical topology had surfaced. The iPod, and by proxy iTunes, was the Atlantis of its time. But now this sadly aging edifice is slowly becoming the New Jersey of its time. And i think we all know how
i feel about that bedsore on the side of our nation. In my show i spoke that i believed apple to be fast approaching the level of Ford, and the model T. Both the Model T and the iPod were neither the first of their kinds but they did it so much better and with such panache that people followed in droves. But as with the auto industry the MP3 player market has been reduced to yearly incremental upgrades. Its a shame but that level of earth shattering update and new product introductions is very low when you consider
that most current products are sequels. No New Ideas. Its a shame. the iPhone or the iPda would both make excellent headway. With their legions of fans Apple could easily have the whole PAN covered in no time. Personal Area Network.

But then Apple Pulls a Sony, by releasing movie downloads for the same price, see now defunct psp movie UMD’s, and not allowing simple TV playback. Sell some type of iConnector or iDongle to hook into a TV and your fans would praise you as a savior. Hook up some magical way of placing, perish the thought, Non iTunes downloads on the iPod with minimal fuss and you would have yourself a winner. Imagine a library of your favorite songs, photo’;s and movies able to be plugged into a TV ala VCR style or DVD style.
Make some spiffy doc which you slide the entirety of the unit into for a good solid connections and your fans would worship the ground you walked on. But they won’t and we will wait for someone to pay the smallest homage to the consumer, some crumb of inter-operability to drop from their moist business suit pockets. The fans will clamor over the placation only to have it stripped from their grasping hands with the next model, as a value add feature. Now with 30% more screw you and money suck.

We live in a world were businesses rule better than governments and the consumer is reduced to a matrix style battery, our wallets fuel their empire. Harsh way to look at it but as far as I’m concerned a logical conclusion from the information given.

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