Every Intent

When starting this post, or even starting to think about this post, as my traditional post episode doughnut for the mind I was hell bent on complaining loudly about the evils of the phone company, the disconnect between customers and the misconceptions about service, and how it does not mean to screw you customers, despite popular opinion.

But thats not what i came to talk to you about today.. (Alice’s Restaurant,  Lovely Song) no I came to talk to you about intentions. Rather I would have this post stand as a testament to what i think before a child is part of the equation. Now i know that having a child changes everything and I fully expect things to never go back to the way they were, its a scientific impossibility, although things were pretty nice way back when. I do expect to be able to continue with my podcasting, and continue with a
myriad of other hobbies i had at one point or another. With the one caveat of time. I do not expect to have enough time to do more than one or two at a time, but rather to serialize them. one after the other whenever i can squeeze time in.

I also whole heartedly expect to be completely shown up and made a fool of on a regular schedule by my child. Its just how things work. I’m honestly scared about what the term father entails, the weight that goes with it. I’m a pretty much in the now, type of fellow. I find it hard at times to exist beyond the moment when it comes to arguments and events. I live for the now in work, but with an eye towards progress. now i have to translate that into a plan for the next 18= years of my life. I will be 44 when
this child graduates from high school. I dread to think of what tech will resemble by then.

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